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It’s time to optimize your profile – LinkedIn Masterclass

Everyone should be on LinkedIn. It’s a place of opportunities where the people who are doing the hiring are, so you want to be seen over there, build your professional brand, showcase your skills, apply for jobs and get opportunities.

LinkedIn Masterclass Registration Link:

Why LinkedIn?
Well, you might think it was full of recruiters and people who just post their CV’s, yes, but it’s a whole lot more than that.  Your use of LinkedIn must be result-oriented. You should be able to take advantage of all that LinkedIn has to offer.

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Whether you haven’t looked at your LinkedIn for a while – or don’t have a profile this Masterclass is just for you! It sets out all we are going to teach you about getting your profile to be the very best that is visible to hiring managers and recruiters who are using LinkedIn version for hiring managers to draw a talent pool, they should find you too as the most prospective candidate.

You will be trained on how to:

👉🏽Complete the LinkedIn Profile (All star 🌟 LinkedIn Profile)
👉🏽Build your professional brand on LinkedIn
👉🏽Get referrals from professionals in your industry
👉🏽Use LinkedIn for job search and make recruiters and hiring managers find you
👉🏽Social proof  your skills and talents
👉🏽Build connections that will grow your career exponentially
👉🏽Grow your LinkedIn Network

Venue:Closed Facebook Group
Training Fee: 5,000 Naira Only
You will get some bonus worth 10,000 Naira for free
*Free LinkedIn Profile Makeover
*Lot of Professional Networking and Job search Templates
If you haven’t, register with this link






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